Visualize Yourself into Reality

There’s something powerful about visualization. It works. Our cells actually conform and believe the dominating thoughts of our mind. Isn’t that crazy?! When we close our eyes and picture ourselves ALREADY succeeding.. feeling it.. tasting it.. owning it.

I remember this day like yesterday. I was 14 at KESQ, an ABC affiliate in Palm Springs, California, visiting my aunt on vacation. She couldn’t take off work so she just brought me to the station with her.. happened to have a lunch meeting with the meteorologist that day. Aunt Donna thought it would be fun to throw me in front of the green screen to make a weathercast and have a tape to bring home as a souvenir of my vacation. It was a pivotal moment a seed was planted.. boom.. just like that. It takes one moment and one person to completely impact the trajectory in our lives. Have you ever really thought about that? It was the moment I held my first weather graphic clicker at 14, standing front of a green screen for the first time, trying to figure out my left from my right, how to point to a big ol’ H (that is.. high pressure) A dream... like how a little girl says, I want to be a super star one day

I had ZERO clue about the challenges, tears, failures, and struggles this vision came with but I painted a detailed picture in my mind and told myself, one day you WILL stand here and help a family of four plan for there weekend, give someone energy to start their day and plan when to bring an umbrella along. I pictured myself already succeeding with detail. Every time I was tempted to give up, I was quick to pull up that painting.. it reminded me.. the struggle was worth it. That vision drove me to reality.

What do you need to close your eyes and visualize for your life? What drives you?

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