Time to Expose My B.S.😳

Before I decided to leave my dream job and start from scratch, I felt like a crazy person! I would go back and forth.. do I stay or do I go? WHAT IF I fail? What if all these years and hard work go to waste? What if we don’t have enough income? Our ‘what if’ is made up but it either produces life or death. When we’re aware and catch ourselves, we can replace it with a positive and it becomes life-giving. WHAT IF I succeed? What if it’s far more fulfilling? What if I help even one person find their purpose? What if God is for me and I can have unshakable faith through the whole process? This not only breaks limiting beliefs but keeps the momentum going! This is called the BELIEF SYSTEM😊

So what do you think? Share with a friend who needs to hear this and give my your thoughts in the comments!👇

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