The #1 Thing to Conquer and Love

Our mindset! One of the most fascinating things on planet earth. So incredibly powerful. It can be a gift or a curse. You can literally believe things into existence. Our thoughts become our words, our words turn into action which leads to our destiny. Our cells literally believe our thoughts and morph into supporting those thoughts. There's scientific evidence.

Not only are we responsible to protect our mind physically with things like proper sleep and drinking enough water (BY THE WAY: our brain is made up of 75% water).. one glass of water can lift brain fog away! SLEEP: when we sleep, that's were we actually store our memory and cells in our body heal. We're also responsible to protect our emotional state of mind and WHO we choose to surround ourselves with, the music we listen, the movies we watch, the foods we eat are a direct impact on it.

Most things surrounding us draws back to negativity and self-centeredness. Have you noticed that? It's almost overwhelming when we really tune in. When we're negative, not only are we manifesting, circling and justifying those thoughts, speaking death upon a situation, but our negative words are contagious, impacting those around us. What if it's not our circumstance that is the problem but rather our perception of the circumstance?

WHO & WHAT you surround yourself with is a direct reflection of your destination which goes hand in hand with your purpose.. too big of a risk to not choose wisely. 

We must master this one question: is this thing or person GOOD for my mind?

Thoughts are going to come at us.. unhealthy relationships will come at us.. we cannot dodge that. But we can control what we allow in by being intentional going into the game, knowing negative thoughts and fear is an illusion with full force attempt to knock us down. You KNOW the strategy so now you can play your cards right. Fair enough? :)

Take away! Be intentional with WHO and what we surround ourselves with. If a thought is not loving or peaceful.. its not from God so without even thinking twice you can swipe left, dismissing those thoughts. Replace the negative thought with a positive thought and SPEAK it out loud. There is tremendous power in our words. When we speak and demand something out loud, our cells and subconscious mind, literally conform to support it.

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