A Life of Purpose

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Money, fame, materials we own.. these are the things society drills in our brain as 'success' since we were little kids. Little did we know, all of this focus potentially costs us one of the most.. if not the most important thing in our lifetime.. living a fulfilled life of purpose!

Even if we succeed at a goal or career we worked so hard to achieve, if it's not our purpose, there's a major void. It's simple. When we're living our purpose.. were fulfilled. When we're not, there's a void that nothing can fill.. no money, no fame.

Purpose exists in everything and EVERYONE! 

The very reason we are on this earth is for a very particular and beautiful reason. When we're not living in sync with who we were created to be, not only are we not fulfilled inside but the world lacks. So, if we're not careful and we give into thoughts of fear,  listening to lies about who we are, or who we need to prove ourselves to, it actually becomes self-centered and people who need to hear our message or need our gifts lack!

We all go through experiences in life but we all have a choice -- HOW we will respond. We must be aware of our influences starting from childhood and beyond.  Most of us are influenced by our families on what we're supposed to do or who were supposed be. This affects our careers, hobbies and relationships. That's our whole life in a nut shell! I have witnessed so many people in careers they worked so hard to get to and made it to their goal, whether it was money, fame or status but why are they not happy? Why are they hopping from one thing to the next, never quenched? They're not in sync with their purpose.

Do we allow a negative experience to break us, tangle us in resentment and become cursed? Or, do we learn, grow, become stronger and use it as a blessing for others? 

How is it that the elderly veteran I used to visit at the VA hospital in Saginaw, Michigan, who had just gotten off life support for the second time but was the happiest person I ran into all day? But, my friend who has everything.. money, fame, looks, status.. EVERYTHING was miserable and hated life, counting down until Friday?

This topic truly fascinates me. What if it's our perception? What if things are not happening to us but rather for us? What if there's a God who's in control at the end of the day, who is for us?

We have one life and that life was meant to be lived abundantly.  

We must be aware of distractions and lies. They're sneaky.. Just to name a few.. approval, comparison, resentment, pride. These distractions come with too big of a price.. keeping us from being in sync with WHO we were created to be. 

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