EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! **clapping hands, jumping up and down** 

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I left my dream job and a point I worked my whole life to get to because I felt a strong calling to step away and help people.. to help people find and live a purpose-driven life. I've witnessed so many people living unfulfilled, counting down until Friday, dreading Monday and looking forward to that one vacation a year, pursuing careers out of sync with who they were created to be. We have one life and our potential is incredible. Our mind is powerful, we just have to believe. There is a way to live abundantly and that truly comes down to living in sync with purpose.


I've had to overcome fear several times to get to this point but my trust is in the Lord, who I believe will direct my steps. 

I started my Daily Drop of Sunshine segment on NBC in Nashville towards the end of my time at the station.. many of you asked me to start a podcast and that's exactly what I've been working hard on.. 


WE HAVE A DATE! Mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 26th! That's when I'll launch 'A Drop of Sunshine with Daphne DeLoren' podcast.



I want to hear from you! what would you like to hear on an episode? Drop me some sunshine below..

Meet my co-host, Nash! I promise he's excited, just a little moody because he wanted a different color headphone set.