6 Week Coaching Program

Ready for an EXTRAORDINARY life at the next level? As a result of A Drop of Sunshine coaching program with Daphne, women begin to feel whole and complete. They push passed limiting beliefs, use fear FOR them and they continue to press GO! Women in her program experience more joy, more purpose, more confidence and even leave their 9 to 5 for life on their terms. In the next six weeks ahead, Daphne will hop on the phone with you and help you overcome limiting beliefs, conquer mindset, and create a plan to help close the gap of where you are now to where you want to be. This will be a place to catch your breath and feel comfortable being vulnerable. You can expect support, understanding and accountability. 


"As a person that has put limits on herself her whole life due to the fear of failing, discovering Daphne's life coaching program was a breath of fresh air. I had already sought guidance from professional counselors, self-help books & motivational-based conferences in the past.


Nothing seemed to be able to knock down the wall or give me enough encouragement to move forward with my dreams & hopes, both professionally and personally. Within the first two weeks of phone calls with Daphne, I was already setting up my strategy to move forward in my life.


Each weekly phone call provided me with a place to "breath" and speak with other women going through challenging times in their lives.  It became a sisterhood...supporting others, while having them support me. 


I'd HIGHLY recommend Daphne's program to any individual...especially those in a place of uncertainty in their life right now.  You won't be disappointed!  You will find your biggest cheerleader when you have Daphne helping you maneuver this ONE LIFE God has given you"

---Beth K


Beth Keeler


"Daphne's 6 week coaching program is empowering!  She truly invests her time and energy in helping you!  Each call helped me see and face the barriers that were keeping me in that "countdown life".  Thank you Daphne for giving me the guidance, resources and encouragement needed to take actionable steps towards making serious changes in my life.  If you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your life, I would highly recommend signing up!  In order to truly know the benefits of this coaching program, you have to experience it.  Even when the 6 weeks ends, Daphne is still there cheering me on with encouraging emails and text messages!" 


Manages Paws for Adventure Pet Services

Janey Richardville


"Daphne DeLoren’s A Drop of Sunshine 6 Week Program is a riveting experience and there is nothing like it!

Over the six week period, she guided me spiritually and mentally. I was given “homework” and food for thought to push myself into working towards my purpose. It was time to get vulnerable and honest with myself and the true journey starts with mindset. Daphne DeLoren showed me how to train my mind. She told me it’s a process and it’s true. I have to be intentional with every thought, every day.


With her guidance though, i felt as if everything clicked into place overnight. 

The six week program has opened my eyes and given me a place to start living a happier and healthier life spiritually, mentally, and physically. I’m thankful as well because it has allowed me the opportunity to make new friends who understand what I am going through and help me know I am not the only one. This was an experience I’ll never forget with lessons I can and will practice everyday going forward.


Thank you Daphne for all your sweet and honest guidance! You’re truly a blessing to everyone’s lives you touch."

-Kathleen M

Customer Relationship Manager

Kathleen Ann