A full time mother, wife, meteorologist, speaker, podcaster, life coach and believer, Daphne DeLoren has a passion for people and a love for the Lord.


Daphne is a graduate of Florida State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in meteorology but it did not come easy for her. She failed multiple times and ran across numerous obstacles and 'no's' along the way. She turned her biggest weakness, math into her strength and shares her story from the rooftop, "If I can do it, so can you!" She believes faith, mindset, resilience and visualization are key qualities to accomplishing a dream. 



Daphne's passion for meteorology and broadcasting was sparked at the early age of 12 when she was handed a graphic clicker for her first practice weather cast at KESQ-TV in Palm Springs, CA. Before Daphne graduated FSU, she interned at CNN Türk in Istanbul, Turkey, NBC6 in Miami and WCTV in Tallahassee, FL.. Just before graduating, Daphne landed her first on-air job at WNEM in Mid Michigan. After transitioning from the weekend meteorologist to Weekday Morning Meteorologist, it was not long before NBC in Nashville, Tennessee asked Daphne to join the team. She helped wake up over one million people daily with her sunny disposition and love of life. 


Besides the weather, Daphne has always had a passion for inspiring others to overcome obstacles and help people live a purpose-driven life. She witnessed so many friends and coworkers out of sync with their purpose, dreading going to go to work, living for the weekend, counting down until a vacation, exhausted, stuck in living for the approval of other people and overall, unfulfilled. She knew something was wrong with this picture and was on a mission to help people live life with purpose and meaning. Her passion in helping people continued to grow before she started her 'Daily Drop of Sunshine' segment on NBC in Nashville. It was about living with truth, love, purpose and becoming the best version of oneself. Her messages resonated on a deep level with so many viewers and it quickly became her purpose, with a stronger pull than even the weather. After five years of being an on-air meteorologist, Daphne felt called to leave the station and take her Drop of Sunshine to a higher level. She is now a life coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and living to help others one drop of sunshine at a time. 

Daphne’s motivational speeches and appearances have made it to countless charity events, VA hospitals, rotary events, schools, Chamber of Commerce meetings in multiple cities and expos all over Michigan and Tennessee.